Wisdom of the World: Harnessing the Power of Awe for a Meaningful Life

Wisdom of the World is a life-enhancing media and event production company dedicated to creating healing resources and events that emotionally support people during life’s many challenges and significant passages. Whether listening to meticulously curated spoken wisdom, sensitively set to music for greater impact and absorption, to provide solace and perspective while facing unfamiliar terrain, or while being in environments that are enhanced with strategically-designed musical atmospheres to experience greater mindfulness, equanimity and flow, we seek to catalyze ‘holy moments’ that can gently bring us to the present moment, helping us to remember and discern what matters most. Through these inspirational offerings, we dedicate ourselves to evoking the innate wisdom that lies within each of us by connecting us to a remembrance of what matters most during the important transitions of our lives.


Allied Organizations and Projects To Which We Serve – Co-composer for the globally acclaimed film’s soundtrack and title song – Composer for the Pachamama Alliance’s “Awakening the Dreamer Symposium” that is empowering people all over the world, every day.

SoulSong – An inclusive concert series celebrating the power of performing arts to redefine a shared experience of the Sacred as an intrinsic part of who we are. – An organization dedicated to inspiring artists and audiences to claim planetary sustainability and social justice as the most critical issues of our time.


The Habits of Heroes

12 Habits of the Mentor

The Habits of Heroes is an inner excellence coaching program based on the conviction that “mentoring is the highest form of leadership”. The project is the legacy brainchild of Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer, Jeff Patnaude. who has served as an Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor to over 40,000 corporate leaders over a period of 40 years.Guided by the wisdom of his mentors and a life of service to help people cultivate ‘inner Excellence”, he has articulated twelve universal practices that form a framework for anyone seeking transformation, personally, professionally and organizationally.

This project could provide a lasting contribution towards creating a more ethical and compassionate culture through the power of mentoring. We believe that it has the capacity to raise our culture’s benchmark of emotional and social intelligence, especially for those who would most benefit, such as veterans, graduates, future business leaders and disenfranchised youth. We hope to support the kind of Mentors our world desperately needs– those who can combine practical wisdom, courage, and kindness for guiding others toward the Greater Good.


Can You Hear Me Baby?

 Stories of Sex, Love, and OMG Birth!

Can You Hear Me Baby? Stories of Sex, Love and OMG Birth! is a powerful comedy-drama-musical that dives deeply into the miracle, the magic and the challenges that are intimately connected to the choices we make and the experiences we have around birth.

Written from actual interviews with mothers, fathers, care-givers, and healthcare professionals, the play communicates social issues and insights in the midst of humor and ten original songs. infused “delivery systems” —such as theatre, music, poetry, and story—we can inspire individuals from all walks of life to collaborate on improving how we bring new beings into the world with greater ease, health, and awareness for all involved. Inevitably, these arts-infused experiences can help people to better understand the correlation between the quality of their pregnancy and birthing experience to the quality of their relationships and their lives.


Aesthetics Harmonics

Aesthetics Harmonics


Wisdom Films

Wisdom Films



Music that Matters

Musaic is a media music production team dedicated to creating excellent music & sound design solutions. Whether it’s cutting edge digital sound collage, in-your-face contemporary grooves, intimate acoustic treatments, or warm, heartfelt orchestral soundscapes, Musaic has the talent and experience to help take your project to the highest level.


What Makes Your Heart Sing?

Awakening the Power of Inspiration

What Makes Your Heart Sing? is a project to awaken inspiration in people all over the world, and then to make that inspiration practical in our work, family and relationships. Whether you’re in business, healthcare, NGOs, a student, a single mother, an athlete, an artist, dealing with health issues, or retired and enjoying “the good life”, this keynote presentation and principles speak to the heart of your passion and inspiration for life. For many people, stress blocks passion. For others financial insecurity strangles hope. Wherever you are in life, we invite you to reawaken the inspiration in your life for greater success, fulfillment and health.