Post Performance with the Dalai Lama, Santa Clara University, February, 2014

About Gary

A gifted professional speaker and performer, Gary delivers customized presentations at events ranging from executive meetings and corporate retreats to clinics and national conferences. He has been featured by PBS, the Huffington Post and national radio and television programs. He is a multiple Emmy, Clio, Peabody and ASCAP award recipient.


An Award-winning composer Gary has spent the last three decades composing music that enhances the human experience.


Gary runs workshops for businesses, health & wellness retreats and university events.


He spearheads internationally acclaimed projects that showcase music as a catalyst for mindfulness, health, wellness and emotional intelligence.


He creates Custom Audio programs to support businesses, holistic healing, and personal growth.

World Enhancer

Gary inspires the world to embrace music as a catalyst for healing, presence and a more meaningful life.


Gary owns an Award-Winning Production company and works to launch impactful films and globally-supported movements.

In The World

Gary Malkin is a seven time Emmy® award-winning composer, producer, performer and public speaker dedicated to making a difference in the world by creating music-driven media and experiences that inspire the heart and catalyze individual and societal healing. As a keynote presenter, he is passionate about the vital role music, media, and the arts can play during these extraordinary times of change as an innovative tool to enhance our humanity, deepen our sense of meaning in our lives, and cultivate greater emotional/social intelligence in an increasingly complex and distracted world.

As a composer for numerous award-winning television and film projects for nearly thirty years – as well as an Artistic Director for conferences worldwide, Gary is known for participating in globally acclaimed projects that support environmental sustainability, spiritual tolerance, children’s health and welfare, cancer research, and cross-cultural healing. Gary is the co-creator (with music pioneer and award-winning filmmaker, Michael Stillwater) of the internationally acclaimed CD/book, Graceful Passages, released by the life-enhancing media company, Wisdom of the World, which offers aesthetic ways to help face life transitions with greater mindfulness, presence, and compassion. He recently received Hollywood Music in Media Award’s Best Soundtrack Award for his work on the groundbreaking film, Thrive: What on Earth Will It Take, which has been seen by over 65 million people in 28 languages worldwide!

In 2008, TED TALKS commissioned Gary to create the theme music for the global broadcast phenomenon, Pangea Day. He served as Artistic Director for the ’04 and ‘06 Quest for Global Healing Conferences in Bali, Indonesia as well as for the Global Philanthropy Forum in 2014. An in-demand public speaker, and performer presents his vision of new ways to use music and sound strategies for health and wellness at places such as Google, Harvard’s Conference on Spirituality and Health, Scripps Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, and The Institute for Functional Medicine. He recently was featured as the lead presenter at Wisdom School’s New Chartres Academy at Chartres Cathedral on “Music as a Path to the Divine” accompanied by teachers such as Andrew Harvey, Peggy Rubin, and Jim Garrison. In 2011, he co-authored another CD/Book called Safe in the Arms of Love, which just received an award from an International organization focusing on Pre and Peri Natal Psychology, and is now a musical ready for launching called “Can You Hear Me Baby?” These works focus on assisting parents to make more empowering choices during pregnancy and birth. Malkin has also just produced a new genre called WisdomFilms™ – Media for Human Being, short-format films for stress reduction and heart/mind integration (available now on GaiaTV and Hulu.com).

Gary has been featured on the national PBS Series, Healing Quest many times. He has also been featured on The Huffington Post, and countless radio talk shows promoting a greater understanding of the power of music as an essential resource for inspiration and emotional/spiritual intelligence. Gary recently served as the Director for Music Strategies for a leading long-term care management company, The Goodman Group, creating programs and resources for the needs of the burgeoning aging population and their caregivers. Whether inspiring audiences, creating media that opens people’s hearts, or developing healing resources, Gary is a master of using music and media to reconnect us to what matters most.

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Award-winning composer and professional speaker who inspires the world to embrace music as a catalyst for healing, presence and a more meaningful life.