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Gary Malkin

Harnessing the Power of Music for a Meaningful Life

Gary is an Emmy® award-winning composer, in-demand public speaker, inspirational performer, and music and wellness consultant dedicated to inspiring the world to embrace life-enhancing musical strategies to awaken more holistic mindfulness, enhanced emotional and spiritual wellness, and a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Whether working in the arenas of healthcare, corporations, education, or emotional/spiritual development, Gary is passionately engaged in creating resources and events that provide “holy moments” that could reconnect you to what matters most.

Speaker, Consultant and Trainer

All over the world, Gary offers keynote presentations, consults on music for wellness and facilitates workshops on a variety of subjects including Musical Strategies for Life Transitions, Musical Approaches for “Wholehearted Mindfulness”, Redefining the Sacred, as well as Musical Tools for Enhanced Learning and Creativity.

Artistic Director, Performer, Master of Ceremonies

Whether as a strategic performing arts curator for conferences and events, or as a musical weaver for corporate gatherings and renewal retreats, Gary is committed to providing ways to shake up the hyper-rational status quo for enhanced emotional impact, wholehearted engagement and optimal learning.

Composer of Music, Producer of Media

After 25 years of providing musical solutions for musical artists and mainstream media, Gary created WisdomFilms, a contemplative media genre which underscores breath-taking images and spoken messages from world-renowned visionaries such as Deepak Chopra, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, and Desmond Tutu.

Corporations and Education

Gary is co-developing The Habits of Heroes, providing inspirational learning modalities for whole-hearted mentoring and leadership skills. These multi-sensory platforms help develop inner excellence skills such as integrity, efficiency, life/work balance, and emotional intelligence, all leading to greater collaboration, enhanced profitability and a better quality of life.

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